Thursday, November 28, 2019

Kirk Patrick Samuda free essay sample

Kirk SamudaUniversity of Phoenix| April 21, 2013BSA/375| | Week (1) Mr. Jeffrey Mc Nickle Information technology and its highlighted importance in enabling business success, brings to the forefront the responsibilities of the Systems Analyst, and how critical the role is in a systems development project. To simplify the role, must in no way down play the importance of the many responsibilities this position has assigned to it; as it continues to expand and evolve, ready to create resolves to business problems with a renewed focus on automated solutions in a business driven era. Hence the role of the Systems Analyst has transitioned from a programmer orientation with Analyst attachment minor roles, to an integral joint, a systematic business partnership between IT and the business. The systematic work of Systems Analysts is very important, as it carries the business requirements through conceptual design and solution to implementation. The Analyst must have the knowledge and skills to understand, and then interpret a project with functional requirements, then translate that perspective into design and realistic processes, technology and data. We will write a custom essay sample on Kirk Patrick Samuda or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page As a result of such indebt involvement, the Systems Analysts must exercise know how to perform process analysis, then design conceptual architectures, techniques that uses cases and robust processes. Systems analysts normally interview users, gathering data about their requirements for new software systems. The analyst will then document and organize all discoveries, into design specifications for the intended project. This task though difficult at times, can be simplified by the end users technical knowledge about what they want to accomplish and the computer interface. A lot of times, requirements are omitted or left out because people assume there is no way a computer can accomplish the tasks required. Conclusively, the skills and knowledge required of a Systems Analyst to effectively contribute to the development of a project, is centered on his ability to work with members of IT, to effect system design, system documentation, and end-user training.

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