Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Software Engineering Design Workshop Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Software Engineering Design Workshop - Essay Example Almost all newspapers across the world have some form of crossword for their readers. Actually some readers, especially the elderly and the scholarly people buy a newspaper only to solve the crossword and challenge themselves everyday. This said one must remember that the mobile technology has given the people a power to be online all the time and communicate as and when required. Hence, it is quite definite that the mobile technology has made lot of difference in people’s life. From taking important decisions to addressing their day to day requirements, the mobile phone has given the people to be in touch 24x7. Thus it is quite imperative that their pastime need to be made available on the move. There are only a few people who still carry the newspaper along them. The mobile gadget is all that they require. But that does not mean that the games will not be available to them. Guardian has already incorporated their popular crossword games online. This means that many people can now just go online and play the game whenever they want. But it is not actually the mobile technology. One must have 24x7 accesses to their favorite games and pastimes. The idea of this paper is to deal with the design and implementation aspect of a mobile crossword puzzle which will be available to the people on the move. But first and foremost we have to understand that the normal crossword puzzles that are published by Guardian are of two types. One comes in a normal image format and the other is a dataset which can be decoded to meet the requirements of the mobile gaming platform. However, there are other aspects that must be taken into consideration. The first and foremost is the screen of the mobile phone. It is usually not large enough to accommodate the entire crossword with its grid and clues. Also the game should be downloadable and must be in sync with the latest one. Another aspect is that the advertisements must be removed in order to keep it simple

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